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About Vyatka-Oil

Experience in Oil and gas Business

Crude oil production of oil and products of its processing,Production of petroleum products,Pipeline transportation activities,Extraction of oil (associated gas),Provision of services in the field of oil and natural gas production and Provision of other services in the field of oil and natural gas production.

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Our Business

The Company operator with strategic partner of the international association in the field of all kinds of oil and gas products supply and other veriouse kinds of oil and gas products., Vyatka-Oil total proved oil and gas reserves under PRMS classification were 10.8 bln barrels of oil equivalent, among the highest for a publicly traded petroleum company worldwide.Vyatka-Oil is also is second-to-none in terms of total proved liquid hydrocarbon reserves.


Vyatka-Oil is one of the biggest suppliar of petroleum product in Russia federation and CIS countries in terms of reserves and production. Adding reserves is one of the Company’s key priorities.

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Offshore projects

Offshore projects are a strategic business area for Vyatka-Oil. Vyatka-Oil is a pioneer in development of the Russian shelf. Most fields on the Sakhalin shelf were discovered with participation of the Company's specialists.

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Vyatka-Oil refining have cutting-edge conversion and reforming capacities, and produce a wide range of high quality petroleum products.In terms of the engineering properties of their production capacities and the efficiency indicators.

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As far as its Upstream operations go, Vyatka-Oil seeks to maximize its efficiency and profits by improving its production performance, carefully selecting new projects and exercising clear-cut control over its production costs.

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Petroleum Exports

Vyatka-Oil is engaged in wholesale trade in oil, petroleum products, gas, gas processing products and petrochemicals, and retail sales of petroleum products and petrochemicals.

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