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About: Vyatka-Oil

About Vyatka-Oil

Vyatka-Oil is one of the most modern oil refineries in Russia and one of the best in the world. The installed capacity of the enterprise with larger million tons of oil per year. Vyatka-Oil is the industry leader in refining efficiency: refining depth is more than 90%, yield of light oil products of the environmental class is more than 71%. Our refining and petrochemicals operations transform crude oil and natural gas into finished products or intermediates, which are then used to manufacture chemicals. Our industrial know-how, our teams’ expertise and our strategic partners all play a key role in this process. We operate responsibly worldwide.

Vyatka-Oil company on the market and was registered on August 25, 2009 at 612636, Kirov Region, Kotelnichsky District, From Borovka, Kirov St., 17. The company was granted OGRN 1094313002123 and issued with INN 4313008767, Russia Federation. Not so long ago that has appointed a new management team. While the nameplate capacity of Vyatka-Oil was 1.44 MTPA.

Today, Vyatka-Oil is a modern, open, dynamic company heavily investing in the construction of new and upgrading of existing facilities and planning a diversified development of the production base in Russia to improve the efficiency of natural resources utilization and increase the production of petroleum products meeting the highest quality standards by implementing the most cutting edge deep conversion processes.

Business Transform And Develop

The company is focused on development of a step-by-step personnel motivation system as part of which the following local regulations have been developed and are applied: Collective Bargain Agreement, Regulations on incentives for the company employees as agreed upon with the company Board of Directors, Regulations on the «Best Professional» review contest, Regulations on mentoring and «The Best Mentor» contest, Regulations on labour saving activities, and others.

The Collective Bargain Agreement establishes the procedure for annual indexation of salaries depending on the index of consumer prices for goods and services in Kirov Region (without autonomous districts).

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