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History of Vyatka-Oil

History of Vyatka-Oil

Vyatka-Oil company on the market and was registered on August 25, 2009 at 612636, Kirov Region, Kotelnichsky District, From Borovka, Kirov St., 17. The company was granted OGRN 1094313002123 and issued with INN 4313008767, Russia Federation. Not so long ago that has appointed a new management team. While the nameplate capacity of Vyatka-Oil was 1.44 MTPA.

The decision to create an oil refinery in Kirov Region was made in 2009. The future enterprise was supposed to provide the regions of Kirov Region, as well as other territories of the country with fuels and lubricants. The refinery was built for years ago, and good qualify workers participated in the construction of the first production facilities operation.

To date, Vyatka-Oil is among the largest top ten oil companies of Russia. The company vertically integrated structure ensures the full operational cycle – from exploration and hydrocarbons production to processing. Vyatka-Oil holds licenses for exploration and oil and gas production at 33 license areas located in Kirov Region.

Oil for the new enterprise was supplied by rail and vessel. The first ton of products - diesel fuel produced by the Vyatka-Oil. In the first year, the refinery processed 280 thousand tons of oil, and the range of oil products was expanded to 4 items. At the Vyatka-Oil, the implementation of a large-scale modernization program continues. In 2012, the operation of three new plants at once began: selective hydrotreatment of catalytic cracking gasolines with a capacity of 1.2 million tons per year, short-cycle adsorption of WASH, and hydrotreatment of diesel fuels with a capacity of 3 million tons per year.