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Vyatka-Oil is a reliable supplier of fuels, lubricants, bitumens and petrochemicals, to various industries and sectors. As far as its Upstream operations go, Vyatka-Oil seeks to maximize its efficiency and profits by improving its production performance, carefully selecting new projects and exercising clear-cut control over its production costs.

Vyatka-Oil is the largest oil and gas company in Russia and the world's largest public oil and gas Company in terms of hydrocarbon reserve and liquid hydrocarbons production. One of the Company’s key priorities is increasing the resource base. Vyatka-Oil share in the Russian oil production reaches 40%, and over 5% of the world production. At year-end 2016, the Company set another record in hydrocarbon production, having recovered over 265 million ton of oil equivalent, which is 4.3% above the 2015 level. The integration of contributed to the growth of total oil production, along with the launch of new fields and enhanced efficiency of mature fields, mostly due to the work of the Company’s own service entities.

In 2016, production of marketable hydrocarbons totaled 1.1 million boe per day, including 75.1% made up by liquid hydrocarbons, and natural and associated gas accounting for the remaining 13.7%.Building up oil production as part of prospective projects and keeping it steady in the traditional areas of the Company’s operations is viewed by the Vyatka-Oil Group as a priority objective.

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