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Security Policy

Labor and industrial safety

The work aimed at improvement of labor conditions in Vyatka-Oil and its subsidiaries is of a continuous nature. Special assessment of conditions at work places is regularly performed at the company enterprises, great attention is paid to development of production practices, training of employees to use safe labor methods and form a responsible approach to industrial safety requirements. All workers of the operating subdivisions are provided with protective clothes and personal protective equipment. To prevent the personnel morbidity and decrease the sickness rate, the Company annually conducts medical examination and vaccination of the employees and workers, provides special meals for the personnel working with harmful operational factors, implements programs for health resort treatment in Russian recreation centers. Health stations furnished with the equipment and medication for first aid rendering were built and are in operation now at the company productions sites.

As for occupational and industrial safety, Company’s main efforts are focused on improving reliability of the process structures and equipment used in the course of the operating activity. Improvement of process management systems, constant monitoring of the technical condition of production facilities, timely equipment repair and replacement, introduction of standards and procedures imposing high requirements on industrial safety allow Vyatka-Oil preventing accidents at its enterprises.